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    Foshan Quanya Trading Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier, specialized in all kinds of furniture(tables, chairs, sofas, stylish suites, etc.)lighting, decorative building materials and so on. We are located in Lecong traffic hub, Shunde District, near the Lec...
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    In 2002 third, Dragon furniture fourth best product design award, best booth design award;

    2003 Guangzhou furniture fair product design gold (leisure chair);

    2003 Dragon furniture fifth best booth design gold medal;

    2004 Guangzhou Furniture Fair best booth design award;

    2004 Guangzhou Furniture Fair outstanding contribution award;

    2005 Dragon furniture product design Award (Sha Falei);

    2006 Guangzhou Furniture Fair best product design excellence award;

    2006 Dragon furniture exhibition best product design gold;

    2007 Dragon furniture best product design gold (leisure sofa);

    2007 Dragon furniture exhibition best booth design gold;

    2008 Guangzhou Furniture Fair best product design prize, best booth design creative award;

    2009 Dragon furniture design gold medal;

    2009 Dragon furniture booth design award;

    2010 Dragon furniture product design, booth design award of excellence award;

    2010 Chinese furniture ten fashion brand;

    2012 designer furniture ten fashion brands ISO9001-2008 quality system certification enterprise;

    Member unit of China Furniture Association (2002 so far);

    Standing director of the China Furniture Association (2011);

    Member unit of Guangdong Furniture Association (2002 so far);

    Foshan furniture association vice-chairman unit (2008 so far);

    Shunde furniture association vice-chairman unit (2009 so far);

    Shunde innovation Furniture Brand Alliance launched one of the units

    Contact:Liu Mingbing
    Mobile phone:13923262458/18923227444
    Address:Lecong City, Guangdong Province,